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Linchpin:  1.The firing pin which holds a grenade.

                  2. A vitally important person or essential element.


"If you aren't making a difference in other people's lives, then you shouldn't go into business. It's that simple. " - Richard Branson CBE


This is our belief as well, explosive entertainment is our business.


We believe in creating stories and projects in which something explosive happens and we watch the domino effect to see how it finishes. 


The fundamental principles of every project we create or undertake must be stories which entertain, explore, elevate social change in society.


We passionately believe through the gift of compelling storytelling we discover our humanity in others, then within ourselves.


We aim to consistently meet set targets and come in both on time and budget. Watchable. Relatable. Sellable. That's a Linchpin project.


Richard Duke has independently directed, produced or worked on over 16 projects in just 2 years, ranging from shorts, feature films, tv pilots to concept proposals. He has been privileged to work on projects for LA, New York, and Vancouver.










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